How Timely Tire Started:

An integrator of bomb-detection equipment and an entrepreneur were commiserating one day over a craft beer about how inconvenient it was to get their seasonal tires changed in Vermont twice a year.

We wanted to be doing other things during our weekends than driving our vehicle to the shop and waiting there for several hours.

Even though local tire shops have been providing the same level of service for decades, we knew there was a better way.

Timely Tire & Storage was created to make your seasonal tire change and rotation a hassle-free experience.

Our highly sophisticated truck and trailer contains that same equipment as a tire shop (tire changer, wheel balancer, air compressor and other various tools).

This allows us to perform your seasonal tire change & balance or tire rotation at work or at your home.

We also have a wide selection of new tires from the best brands and offer tire storage for the set that is not currently in use. Completely eliminating all the most frustrating aspects of the tire business.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to taking the tired out of tire!

– Ari M. & Michael C-S

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